The biggest differences between VIDEOBOLT.COM and other content creation tools are: 

1. The professional on-camera spokesperson. It would typically cost at least $4,000 to produce a one-minute video with a professional on-camera spokesperson. With VIDEOBOLT.COM, the professional on-camera spokesperson is included in every video, with prices starting as low as $99, not thousands of dollars. We currently have more than two dozen spokespeople from which to choose. All of our spokespeople are experienced television news anchors, reporters, or actors who will effectively tell your business' story on camera. You even get to choose what they wear on camera. Business videos with a professional on-camera spokesperson delivering a message are far more effective than videos with only voiceovers or music. 

2. The price. Your video costs hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. 

3. The delivery time. We deliver your video in as little as one hour, with standard delivery in 3-5 business days. With most traditional production methods, you would wait weeks or months for a similar video. 

4. The ease of use. You build your entire video in our cloud-based Video Builder. Simply point-and-click through all of your selections, such as the studio, spokesperson, wardrobe, colors, graphics, images, and voiceover artist.