This is a recurring services subscription with a minimum term of one year. VIDEOBOLT.COM will continue to charge the provided credit card annually until you terminate the subscription in writing. Termination cannot occur before the expiration of the one-year minimum period set forth above. VIDEOBOLT.COM will not commence the production of your videos during each payment period until payment for such a period has been made. VIDEOBOLT.COM reserves the right to modify its rates at the end of the one-year minimum period. VIDEOBOLT.COM will provide you with an access code for your Unlimited account. You can produce an unlimited number of videos using the Unlimited account. Each Unlimited account can only be used to produce videos for one business unit/location. Your videos will use the “Next Available” spokesperson unless you pay the additional charge to select a specific spokesperson for a video. VIDEOBOLT.COM will commence the production of each video after you build the video using VIDEOBOLT.COM's online video builder and clicks the “Send to Production” button. Each video will be up to one-minute long. There is an additional fee of $1 for each additional second of the completed video, with no videos exceeding two minutes in length. The additional charges for videos longer than one minute will be processed after production. VIDEOBOLT.COM will produce and deliver the final videos no later than 3-5 business days after you click “Send to Production,” unless you select expedited delivery for a video and pay the added fee for expedited videos. VIDEOBOLT.COM will deliver the final videos as MP4 files by sending download links to a provided email address. VIDEOBOLT.COM will deliver an SRT closed caption file by email concurrent with the delivery of the edited videos. There will be a $50 fee for all re-edit requests after the delivery of the completed videos. If the edit request requires a re-shoot of the on-camera portion, there will be an additional $99 fee. You own all copyrights in the videos. There are no usage limitations for the videos. If you default on the subscription payments before the end of the minimum term of one year, VIDEOBOLT.COM will charge the credit card on file a $499 fee for every video that you ordered during the term of the plan, minus the amount that you paid for your subscription during the term. This pricing is for single-unit small businesses only. Please contact us for enterprise or multi-unit pricing.